NutriJuice is a new concept of juice made strictly according to three principles:

  • Maximum Nutrition
  • Homemade and produced Daily
  • Slow Pressed from 100% Organic ingredients

It is the perfect companion to assist you in your day and giving your body the best benefits he deserves!

Most people find the tasting and nourishing experience so delicious they want more.

NutriJuice Cleanse packages – It’s Nutrition Feast, No Fast!

1 Day get 6, 350ml bottles for 600.000 IDR

3 Days get 6, 350ml bottles for 1.600.000 IDR

7 Days get 6, 350ml bottles for 3.000.000 IDR


Everyday something different so you’ll never get tired of having the same taste.

NutriJuice is more than just juices.

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Drink to your Health