Meet Frank




Hi everyone!
My name is Frank and I am a self-educated Health Oracle.
I had the blessing to experience on myself the healing abilities that a human body is capable of. Through that I was able to reach a level of awareness that allows me to listen to the subtle signals the body tells me. I now have a constant dialogue with my body.

As lean and skinny, I was considered healthy by most people, yet I knew it wasn’t the case. Diagnosed with congenital hips dysplasia and knock knees and been told that at some point I had to go through surgery, after more than twenty years of chronic fatigue, postural misalignment, intense discomfort and stiffness, I was able to begin the healing process thanks to a wholefoods, plant based diet.

Not far after I experienced my first juice cleanse which further freed my body from excessive intestinal waste. My journey wasn’t over and almost two years after I transitioned to a complete liquid way of nourishment which sees the consumption of pure, fiber-free juices. I finally realized that every symptom my body experienced was due to solid food, not bad or good. Simply eating created this imbalances in my body. I believe that at different levels each one of us is affected by the habit of introducing too much food since we are born. We eat too often and not always because we are truly hungry. The body tries to cope and adjust at its best, yet overtime conditions like aches and pains show up until they become major factors of ageing and disease.

My body is now constantly changing and rejuvenating and I live a life I never thought was possible.

My mission is to guide people to get a Pain Free body, Reverse Ageing, Heal Chronic Illnesses through Juicing and transition to a Food-free life.

I am also a life enthusiast, speaker, author and entrepreneur.


I love my Life as a Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and the ability I got given to influence people to create a good impact in the world.

I have many interests which are too many to share here.I love connecting with like minded people and I am a growth geek.
I believe life is just a game and each one of us has the ability to choose how big to play.




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