How to heal skin stretches with juice

Nowadays most babies still grow up with processed foods. Baby formulas are packed with artificial sugars and chemicals which can have disastrous impacts on a clean sensitive body. They are responsible for crazy spikes of sugar levels which trigger glands and heart plus the excessive GI (Glycemic Index) is an early responsible for unhealthy weight gain.

Very few questions if a baby should naturally have this “plump” inflated aspect

or maybe be more lean and with less fat…

I personally was too quite chubby then while start growing I noticed that my skin conserved marks like stretches in the areas of quadriceps just above the knees as well as in the lateral parts of the glutes. Interesting enough that are the areas where I developed knock knees and well as hip dysplasia which is definitely not congenital.

Like cellulite those are “breaks” of the skin tissue due to excessive stretching.

Of course parental factors matters such as mother nutrition etc… but the question remains? Are we truly meant to look this plump…?

Most treatments are external with oils, creams etc… yet if you are not looking for a quick fix there is a tastier solution: JUICES 🙂 With their amazing living nutrients, antioxidants and life force, they can regenerate cells and build new healthy tissue. The great advantage compared on even healthy eating is that they do not create internal volume. This allows the body to get back to its natural intended shape and recover from all tension. A great cure is to juice aloe vera, pineapple, carrot, ginger for their restructuring properties.

Again, if you have any skin condition whether cellulite, marks from chicken pots or whatever happened to you in your childhood you can heal them with the power of the living nutrients contained in juices.

New generation parents are feeding newborns with pure natural sugars from fruit and avoiding processed formulas, bad fats and hidden chemicals and unless one of the parents is very fat the babies look healthier, leaner and happier just like this one which is grown up on solely mother’s milk and natural food:)


To your Health





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