How our eating habits affect posture

Through my researches I have found there is some material talking about how healthy posture is important for proper digestion yet I have found nothing which talks about how modern eating patterns can create skeletal conditions.
I can talk from my own personal experience.
I had postural misalignment since I was a kid. This growing up gave me chronic fatigue. No practitioner knew the real cause and all they could suggest were basic corrective exercises.
It wasn’t until I started to eat less that I began noticing some deep changes.
Ingesting too much food was simply the cause. Now at the age of 26, I feed only on juices and the physical pain, irritability, anxiety, fears, stress are gone. My posture is straighter as I never thought was possible. The spine is tall and flexible.
I healed myself with juices and I proved that current diet most people consume is long term detrimental for the body.
The amount of food on each plate is too much and the frequency we eat just the same, without even considering quality. We have developed ourselves around a culture of eating, where oftentimes we do it more for pleasure than for actual need. The consequence is that our guts are filled with unwanted material and gas even if you have regular bowel movements.
I don’t know your body neither how often do you eat, but this is not important. If you suffer from stiffness, or any other postural issue, I highly suggest you to begin to eat less and gently transition to a long period of juicing.
I guarantee you will see huge improvements.

What juicing does?
Eliminates inner pressure(main cause) by:
*Remove waste in excess
*Reduces inflammation
*Burn visceral fat

So afterall, how can we mantain a healthy digestion, a correct posture and viceversa if they are interdependent?
The answer is simple: juicing!
After you will be able to go back eating more consciously and only for real need. That’s a win-win!

Here you can find some resources stating on the other hand how a straight posture can benefit digestion.

To your health and wellbeing



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