How I healed candida with fruit juices

May this article be the proof that everything that comes straight from Nature can only benefit you.
I’ve just shattered a big myth regarding sugar in fruit and how bad many people think it is. The average modern diet consists of products which create an acidic gut environment and damage the evacuation process, destroying the good flora responsible to keep any unwanted bacteria down. This with time develops an overgrowth of anaerobic yeast and fungi (candida).

Normally when you are affected from this condition it is advised to avoid fruit for its high sugar content.
The reality in fact is very different. Fruit does contain sugar, some a lot, but in a whole form if compared to any refined sugar (sucrose).

How can it actually benefit you?

  1. It is alkalizing therefore contributes to the creation of an aerobic, oxygen rich environment where bad bacteria cannot live.
  2. It is a complex sugar composed by glucose and fructose which makes it easier for the body to be processed and does not overstimulate pancreas and other glands to counteract the excessive raise in Glycemic Index (amount of sugar in the blood).
  3. The Natural ripening process ensures that phytonutrients(energy from the Sun) are stored in the fruit therefore creating a balanced alchemy of substances.

What you can do…
Instead of trying quick fixes such as essential oils, antibiotics or eating a bunch of garlic a day (I hope you don’t 🙂 ) and continuing to unconsciously feed bacteria with other foods you may think are sugar-free such as flours or processed carbs, I suggest you to try and trust the healing power of fresh pure juices. They are alkaline and brings oxygen to the cells.
You can mix vegetables and fruit. Begin with items like apples which are low in sugar.
Give the body the proper time and it will adapt to recognize again the true sugar vs the “fake” sweetness.
This way is more sustainable and you won’t risk to fall into cravings which is very likely if you go on a sugar-free diet.

I’d rather be more suspicious from something coming out of a plastic than a ripe beautiful fruit hanging from a tree…

Here are some useful links you can check:

To your Health and Wellbeing





5 thoughts on “How I healed candida with fruit juices

  1. Frank, dear.

    I’ve being a candida victm for 2 years.

    I think u can imtagine the suffering 😀

    So, after reading your article, I have only one question: are u really conscient of the responsability of your words?

    If u say yes, i will come back eating fruits with no guilt again.


    From Brazil (sorry about bad english).


    1. Hi Sandro, yes of course. The issue for many people is the combination with other food like grains, starches, dairies that creates the problem. There are also many other articles approving this. Do you own research and most often listen as deep as you can to body feelings:-)

      All the very Best in your journey.




      1. In the beginning it can help if you choose low GI fruit like granny smith apples, cherries, continental fruit rather than tropical. You might be able to find it imported. Also spices like ginger, garlic and turmeric can help detoxing and killing yeast and fungus. Avoid any processed carbs of course.


      2. So glad Frank. Thankyou.

        So I am reading that 801010 diet is able to heal candida issues. My question is: a 801010 very low fat diet coomed also works?

        Tanks so much


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