Know your Juicer!

If you ever wondered what are the differences between juicers… There are three main types of machines used to make juice.
1. Commercial juicer. Used in most places, it is quick yet due to its speed, produces heat and friction which destroys many nutrients. The content is also subjected to a quick oxidation and separates between froth and liquid. Must be consumed straight after.       approx 50-300USD
2. Slow juicer. It produces juice which retains the all spectrum of nutrients, does not separate and lasts in the fridge for more than one day. The downside is that it takes long to make and the items must be accurately chopped to avoid jamming. To obtain pure liquid is recommended to filter it. 150- 450 USD                                                       
3. Cold Pressed juicer. This machine is not very common due to its price and less demand. Its juice is liquid like water. Good quality ones are made of stainless steel and they extract juice by hydraulic pressure, just like traditional pressers for oranges. 400 USD plus…


       Centrifugal                                          Slow                                          Cold Pressed


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