How to heal skin stretches with juice

Nowadays most babies still grow up with processed foods. Baby formulas are packed with artificial sugars and chemicals which can have disastrous impacts on a clean sensitive body. They are responsible for crazy spikes of sugar levels which trigger glands and heart plus the excessive GI (Glycemic Index) is an early responsible for unhealthy weight gain. […]

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The habit of locking knees

Most people lock their knees. It has been researched that this habit creates a huge impact on blood circulation and supply of oxygen to the brain. A sense of fatigue can occur for extended time if standing in this position. Why do we do it? Guess guess…? Weakened glutes and lower back muscles due to […]

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Know your Juicer!

If you ever wondered what are the differences between juicers… There are three main types of machines used to make juice. 1. Commercial juicer. Used in most places, it is quick yet due to its speed, produces heat and friction which destroys many nutrients. The content is also subjected to a quick oxidation and separates […]

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The top 3 ageing foods

Refined Sugar Sugar 100% sucrose Sucrose is made of glucose responsible of raising Glycemic Index in the blood and get transformed and stored into fat Eight times more addictive than heroin, causes loss of will power Stimulates negative thinking which triggers the release of cortisol, stress hormone, responsible for weight gain Number one responsible for […]

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